Our Culinary Services

It's a work in progress project with 20 years plus experience in catering service management


Commercial Catering


Wedding and Private Events
Any special and private catering events that includes wedding, baby shower, Aqiqah, birthday etc, from home to offsite venue, with classic traditional to sleek-urban setting according to the events’ requirement.

Fine-dining and Corporate Events
Includes MICE meetings, luncheons, conference, product launches, theme-dinners and gala dinners with an option of formal sit-down setting, Dome-served set, casual cocktail party, and live cooking stations.

Contractual Catering


Services Sector
A prominent player in the contractual and institutional catering in Malaysia, which provides support to the hospitality, institutional and facilities management services sector of the country.

The Government
Our client portfolio includes several governmental authorities and GLC (governmental link companies) convention centre in Malaysia.

Satellite Kitchen Catering


Satellite Kitchens Motion
A trend player to bring the concept into the country’s hospitality and catering industry. Offering a variety of local, fusion and international menu at any off-site events throughout the country. Examples, from private to formal Malaysians' open-houses ("rumah terbuka" events), concerts, thematic corporate events, motoring events, themed-weddings, themed-gala dinners and etc.